Get Procrastination Support and Get Stuff Done

Want to get stuff done? Do you keep putting off important tasks? Can’t seem to get started? Need procrastination support? That’s why we launched The site inspires users to get stuff done by linking them up with random buddies to whom they are accountable.

BuddyHive; Buddy up and get stuff done

Our time study research shows that procrastination in the workplace is among the top 20 productivity inhibitors that employees face.  And procrastination is not just a problem for those at work. Stay-at-home mothers and fathers, students, and those who are in between jobs also find that there are some tasks that are simply hard to get to. You may have support systems in place; a spouse who offers advice or a boss who provides direction. But for some reason, the support you get from the people you know doesn’t always work. No matter how much nagging your receive from your spouse, those unfinished tasks just never seem to get done. You can take a time management course that gives you lots of theory. There are numerous ways to overcome procrastination; break large tasks into smaller ones, give yourself a reward for completing a task, visualize a positive outcome rather than a negative one. If you can do any of those, you’re on your way.

But in many cases, you just might need to be more accountable. And that’s where you need a buddy – someone who is looking out for you. And what if that person needed your help in return? has just launched a new feature that builds the community aspect of the site. From the start, the idea was to link people up with each other to provide support, encouragement, tips, advice – mostly to provide accountability.

Now there’s a new community feature. As always, buddies are teamed up. Now, anyone who is registered on the system can “drop in” to look at messages that have been sent within the last two weeks. Then they can offer their own advice. The buddy relationship comes first, but now the community can help as well.

At, just go to the “Hive” tab and click on “Tasks Underway” to see all the tasks where buddies have been in touch with each other during the last two weeks. Think you can offer help? Once you’re registered, just click on the “Offer Advice” button, and add your comments to the conversation

You can receive advice from others too. Once you send a message to your own buddy, your task will go to the top of the list, and you can receive support from registered users.

Meanwhile, buddies are getting all kinds of things done. From work to hobbies to household tasks to studying, accountability makes a difference.

Here are some of the recent tasks that buddies have accomplished:

  • I was able to clean my storage room
  • I was able to redo my resume
  • I was able to produce a business plan within two weeks.
  • I was able to practice for an English Essay
  • I was able to complete a consulting report for client in the UK

Get the procrastination support you need. Buddy up and get stuff done. You never know who you’ll meet.

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  1. By Home renovation on Jun 1, 2013 | Reply

    It is a useful article for avoiding procrastination.Many people consider it difficult to do big tasks.It is better to divide them in smaller tasks.

  2. By Heather on Nov 11, 2013 | Reply

    I actually blog too and I am composing a little something very close to this excellent article, “procrastination support”.
    Do you really care in cases where I actuallyimplement a little of your own
    concepts? Regards -Chi

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