A Time and Motion Study for the 21st Century

Watch our 2-minute video below to see how our time studies improve productivity.
The TimeCorder is an easy way to measure how employees spend their time. Our time study consulting has benefits for process improvement, time management, work measurement, benchmarking and more. Best of all, employees enjoy the process – we achieve an employee participation rate of 94 % – people really enjoy the process because it is anonymous. That’s why we call it a user-friendly time and motion study. Call us at (416) 762-3453 or email mark@GetMoreDone.com to find out how your organization can benefit.

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The TimeCorder

The TimeCorder® time tracking system is our unique proprietary tool for conducting time studies. Originally developed by Mark Ellwood in 1989, the device was completely re-designed and re-launched in 2004. It is simple to use.

    This dynamic electronic device allows your employees to easily track time by pushing buttons associated with pre-coded activities. There is nothing complicated about the unit. Anyone can learn how to use it in a few secondsThere are twenty-six alphabetical buttons, each coded with a customized activity name such as “Coaching Employees” or “Making calls to prospects.” Press a button, and time begins recording on that activity, like a stopwatch. Each time a new button is pressed, time stops recording on the previous activity and begins recording on a new one. It’s just as simple as that.

    Employees appreciate the TimeCorder® because they are in control of their own time tracking. They don’t have any consultants standing behind them while they work. It is truly a program that puts you and your employees in total control. They can follow their own activities and time throughout the study. They will find it enlightening to say the least. And all of our time studies are conducted anonymously – employee names are never listed in our reports to management.

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