Imagine what your employees could do with an extra hour per day to spend on their top priority activities. More time for selling. More money as a result. Better planning. Improved customer service. Increased profits.

To make these improvements, you first need to underhand the current state. You need to measure productivity. Understanding how time is allocated by employees can provide powerful insights and can lead to massive improvements in employee performance. Just getting rid of all the non-value-added work can make a huge difference.  But traditional methods of gathering data on how time is spent are awkward, expensive and inaccurate.



Our specialty is conducting time and motion study projects using our, simple, accurate, employee-friendly TimeCorder methodology.

This is an innovative approach to conducing time and motion studies among knowledge workers. It makes it easy for employees to track their own time. The results are anonymous and the device is easy to use, so we are able to achieve a remarkable participation rate of 94%.

To begin a time study, we create a list of activities in conjunction with our clients. The activities are programmed into the TimeCorder devices and shipped to employees. Then after a brief orientation session, they begin tracking their time, usually for two weeks. Every time they switch from one activity to another, they simply press a single button on the TimeCorder. It works like a series of stopwatches, similar to a chess clock, but in reverse. And it’s just a little less complicated to use than the average doorbell!



Our time studies create a win-win situation for both employees and employers. The employees gain insights into their own productivity with a process that is simple and engaging. The employer gains profound knowledge of how time is spent and what key actions are needed to improve productivity.

Not only is it simple and accurate, the TimeCorder is superior to smart phone applications. This is because its batteries last 200 hours without need for charging. It always displays results without going into sleep mode. And its operations don’t interfere with other smart phone applications.

After completing a time study, we make recommendations that are actionable, immediate, and focused on improving results. They include:

TimeCorder Professional Time Tracking System

The TimeCorder

  • Improving processes
  • Benchmarking best practices
  • Eliminating redundancies
  • Boosting sales results
  • Determining staff models
  • Setting standards for top performance


  • We have conducted time study projects in 39 countries since 1990.
  • Our research data has been presented at numerous international conferences.
  • The TimeCorder is cited in three textbooks.
  • We always produce positive results for our clients.
  • Time saved equals money earned.


The study we did with you continues to make a positive impact right across our core business in the United Kingdom and other markets. Our trading teams are now keen to replicate the study as they also believe there is opportunity to be more effective. – Soft drink bottler

I feel our company really got bang for buck with our first foray into time and motion studies. – Book Retailer

We are currently deploying the transformation initiatives for the supervisors. The data has been extremely helpful in creating a new role of the Work Coordinator that will relieve the Supervisor of the paperwork that keeps them in the office. – Utility Company

Retail banking results show a strong upward trend in selling hours…Among the sales staff selling hours are now 16.4 hours per week versus just 12.6 hours two years ago. Meanwhile the average administration time has gone done down by over 5 hours per week.”