Are TimeCorder Results Honest?

Are employees honest with a TimeCorder? ABSOLUTELY!

The TimeCorder® time tracking system makes it easy to track your time.

You just press a single button every time you begin a new activity. It’s like a chess clock, but instead of counting down the time, the TimeCorder adds it up. It’s just a little less complicated than the average doorbell. It’s so intuitive, you can learn to use it in seconds. And it gives tactile, audio, and visual feedback. It stays on all the time, giving users vital feedback about what they’re working on. We program it with pre-coded activities such as “daily planning”, or “prospecting calls” or “monthly reports.”

Employees will participate in a TimeCorder time study with enthusiasm. This is because they control their own time tracking. There are no consultants standing around watching and there are no secret monitoring systems. The time study puts your employees in complete control. They are always honest with their activities, because they understand the value of gathering vital information.

Most of all, the entire study is anonymous. Employees need not worry that their results are being reported. We report on averages for the job, not on individual results. 



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