Corporate time study consultant

Data that turns time into money

Your organization measures all kinds of things; personality profiles, sales per employee, number of social media “likes” and widgets produced per hour.

When you measure how employees spend their time, it’s a powerful diagnostic tool that shows you how to shift time to the highest priority activities.

We conduct time studies better than any other technique you can imagine. And we make it fun for employees too.

We start by creating a list of activities for each job, drawn from our database of over 2,300 distinct knowledge work tasks. Then we program our TimeCorder devices, and ship them to employees. The employees use them for two weeks and then return the devices for analysis. The TimeCorder is better than an app.

Our fees are based per employee and are much more economical than expensive observers, less intrusive than video cameras, and much less prone to burnout than diaries and questionnaires. No one wants to do those, But anyone can use a TimeCorder device.