An Extra Hour A Day Per Employee

More Profit through less wasted time.

When employees spend their time well at work, they do what their job descriptions say they should. They manage, or sell, or design, or process, or teach.. Time is well invested.

We’ve found that employees can gain an hour a day for their top priorities.

That’s 5 hours a week – a massive amount of extra time for the things that matter most.

Imagine what this does for your organization’s bottom line?

  • Your sales team will sell more(Check how we help sales team).
  • You’ll save money by avoiding hiring unnecessary staff.
  • Administrative time gets moved from high salary jobs to lower cost support staff
  • Your employee retention will increase, saving money and time training new staff.

Chances are your employees aren’t using their time for optimum performance. Time is being wasted. To understand waste, we first need to understand how time should be spent. Here are the four main categories of how employees spend their time:

  1. Top Priorities – They spend their time on the important activities that create results.
  2. Responsibilities – Employees also devote time for activities that support their priorities. These are the responsibilities that need to get done.
  3. Requirements – Employees occasionally do things that aren’t part of their main job, but are required of them; attending internal meetings, filling out reports, answering colleagues’ queries.  These activities can be substantial. For instance, administrative tasks add up to about 25% of a manager’s time.
  4. Necessary time – At work, employees have to take breaks, eat lunch, use the washroom, and travel to customers. Anything else is non-productive time.

And what gets in the way of productivity?

  1. Poorly run meetings – Employees go to too many meetings that are scheduled too late and are poorly run.
  2. Poor work habits – Some employees lose time because they are unorganized, distracted, interrupted, or not well trained.
  3. Other employees – Other departments’ inefficiency is one of the biggest reasons why employees’ time is wasted. The result is re-work, internal queries, and fixes that all take time.
  4. Outside influences – Equipment issues, unclear job duties, traffic, systems problems and other situations outside of the employee’s control.
  5. Changing priorities – Changes are made higher up in the organization, causing activities to switch between one set of priorities and another.
  6. Wasted time – On occasion, employees take time from their employers. This is what’s traditionally known as wasted time. It’s the goofing off, the theft of time.

Get back the wasted time, increase your employees’ productivity.

While some waste is inevitable and even necessary for optimum employee engagement, most wasted time is avoidable. By finding out exactly how your employees are spending their time, you can begin to reduce the biggest time wasters. You can fix the problems, better equip your employees.

Productive employees have more work/life balance and are more satisfied with their jobs.

Contact Mark Ellwood now and earn more profits through less wasted time.