Training That Works

Training – More Time For What Matters Most

“People learn best when they are involved in interactive exercises where they can put theory into practice” – Mark Ellwood

Are you juggling priorities at a breakneck speed? Putting out fires that won’t go away? Dealing with interruptions that just keep coming? It’s time to regain control. Mark Ellwood’s practical workshops give you simple techniques for tackling your tasks and becoming more pro-active. You’ll stop managing urgent day-to-day crises and start planning for the long-term. You’ll learn a simple formula for goal setting, a unique method for setting priorities, and an instant technique for overcoming procrastination. Plus you’ll manage meetings and cut the glut of email in a series of engaging, practical and fun modules that show you how to break old patterns and create new habits. Spend your time on what matters most!

Gain an extra hour per day for the things that matter most. Learn how to:

  • Cut the Glut of Email
  • Set Effective Goals
  • Manage Priorities
  • Deal with Interruptions
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Manage interruptions
  • Delegate Effectively

Watch Mark Ellwood below in a 2-minute video with one of his most popular tips:

Team Building Workshops

If you want a day off to climb ropes, race in a dragon boat, or hunt for clues around the city, the results will be fun and employees will get to know each other better. We don’t do those.

On the other hand, if you want a training day that gets at the practical aspect of how teams can do better, then Mark Ellwood’s “Terrific Teams” is just for you. Mark’s innovative, experiential execises delve into project managment, team strategies, assimilation of new members, and non value-added tasks. And they’re fun too. The key is Mark’s insightful debriefing style. He inspires teams to discover what works after engaging in a team building task. Teams will go away enlightened, with practical ideas on how they can improve. (And, did we say they can have a bit of fun?)


Check out our alternate web site, Terrific Meetings for more on team buillding, training, and facilitation

Powerful, Persuasive Presentations

– Connect with the audience through poise and eye contact

– Projecting with confidence

– Making an impact with gestures

– Building a speech with a persuasive formula

– Answering tough questions at the end of a presentation

– Adding quotes, humour, and stories

Keynote: “The Poetic Path To Getting More Done”

Mark Ellwood’s engaging keynote presentation is ased on his innovative book of inspiring productivity tips, “The Poetic Path To Getting More Done.”  The book contains rhyming couplets that create a new way for audiences to listen. The poems are funny, practical, and heart-warming. Mark combines stories, tips, and poems in a presetation that is both memorable and practical. Plus, Mark can write custom poems for meeting themes, top award winners, or new product launches.