It’s Like a Business Fitness App for Productivity

Easy to do, with instant feedback, and totally private for employees

In most workplaces employees don’t use their time for optimum performance. Time gets wasted on things of low importance, low priority tasks. Or there are bigger unidentified issues affecting the business and impacting productivity and ultimately costing money.

We show your business how to get back an hour a day. We  conduct a Time Study, using an easy-to-use, electronic TimeCorder® device. The TimeCorder is like a fitness app for workplace productivity.  Employees easily track their time and tasks. It’s completely confidential and there is instant feedback. And better than an app, based on our results. 

When we know how your employees’ time is spent, we can show you how to be more effective.. We provide you with critical information on key metrics that comes from our unique research. And we use our proprietary TimeCorder® methodology to show precisely how your employees use their time.

A typical time study is easy to run. Here are the steps that we take:

  1. Set the objectives
  2. Create an activity list
  3. Client selects employees to participate 
  4. Run an orientation session by phone
  5. Employees use the TimeCorder® device for two weeks
  6. Return devices for analysis
  7. Analyze the data
  8. Write a report with recommendations
  9. Present the report to management
  10. Take action on the results
  11. Send employees their results – directly from us.

Get back an hour per day for increased productivity for every single employee:

Our recommendations highlight immediate opportunities for your employees to improve productivity. This includes;

  • Improved time management
  • Identification of barriers to productivity
  • Process improvement
  • Best practices benchmarking
  • Analysis of job functions
  • Identification of redundant activities
  • Determination of staffing models

The bottom line is more business for you, happier employees and more sales.

more about how we can help your organization – we can offer a free consultation.