Why not an app?

The TimeCorder – Better than an app

Smart phone apps are the hottest technology. When people see the TimeCorder, in its big black beautifulness, invariably many ask, “Why don’t you make an app?” The answer is simple. An app just cannot do what the TimeCorder does.

We’ve listed below some key things that make the TimeCorder superior, but the number one thing is that the TimeCorder is ALWAYS ON! It’s always ready for your input. Your phone is going to sleep all the time. Do you really want to go through the process of waking it, unlocking it, scrolling to the appropriate button EVERY TIME you want to track an activity? No, of course not. You’d go crazy. That is why, TimeCorder is not an app.

Tracking your phone use

The TimeCorder is not an app because it’s tracking all the stuff you’re doing with your smart phone. Whether you’re making a call, or sending a text, or writing an email, or updating your calendar, those are some of the things that the TimeCorder is tracking. It doesn’t make sense to jump back and forth between a time tracking app and all of those. The TimeCorder sits on its own, constantly keeping track. And you’re only doing it for two weeks.

Constant Feedback

Smart phones turn off. Not so with a TimeCorder. It’s always  on, always showing you what you’re doing. By receiving constant feedback, you know where your time is being spent. The TimeCorder shows you what activity you’re working on, how long you’ve been working on it, and a cumulative total for all of the times you’ve been doing an activity. That’s important for you to know, to see that you’re tracking your time where you want to.

Long lasting batteries

Most people use the TimeCorder for two weeks, or about 100 hours. TimeCorder batteries will keep going for close to 200 hours. It’s always on and never needs a charge. An equivalent app would drain a smart phone battery in just a few hours.

Customized Activity Lists

We work with you or your organization to create a customized list of activities from our list of 2,300. And if we haven’t measured it before, we create a new one for your particular needs. Usually we measure about 25 activities – some of our studies have measured up to 70. With an app, you would need to select every single activity from a drop down list. That would take a while. Our expertise is knowing what should be measured for each particular type of job.

Anonymous Results

For our large corporate studies, we NEVER cite employees’ names in our reports. Employees are suspicious when their boss asks them to track stuff. The TimeCorder is not connected to anything else, and we’re a third party, independent of the company. That’s why we get a remarkable participation rate of 94%.